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A Wake Inn

New Trailer With Commentary Reveals More A Wake Inn Horror

Another in depth view from A Wake Inn.

Polish indie studio VR Bros is currently working on the promising A Wake Inn, a virtual reality (VR) horror where players are confined to a wheelchair. For those interested in more information – and why wouldn’t you – the studio recently released a new gameplay video with added commentary.

A Wake Inn

Having previously released a similar video five months ago, this time the VR Bros are showcasing more locations as well as mechanics. One room for example features two caged mannequins which you can activate, placing bets on them to win resources.

Another feature has to do with movement. If you’ve been following VRFocus’ coverage then you’ll know you have to operate the wheelchair just like in real life, physically spinning the wheels. Well, the video reveals that you can add power to the chair, moving it with a control stick. This has the dual advantage of freeing a hand when trying to move and defend yourself as well as adding comfort options.

There are 17 minutes of gameplay so you get to see a decent slice of A Wake Inn‘s puzzles and various mannequins inhabiting this creepy hotel.

A Wake Inn

A Wake Inn is set in the mysterious Silver Inn Hotel, a place owned by the unusual Doctor Finnegan who talks to you via a shortwave transmitter. Combining escape room elements with action-horror, the videogame gives you free rein to explore and figure a way out, whilst trying to uncover what’s actually going on – as you’re a mannequin too. The team states the videogame should take around 5-6 hours to complete.

A Wake Inn is currently scheduled for an early 2021 launch supporting HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Valve Index headsets. For further updates on this wheeled horror, keep reading VRFocus.

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