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Meeting App CollabHub Set for Official Launch Next Week

A native Oculus Quest app is also in the works.

For the past three years, CollabHub has been developing its drawing/meeting app of the same name as an Early Access title on Steam. Allowing users to collaborate through a virtual whiteboard, CollabHub will soon be leaving Early Access as well as coming to the Oculus Store for the first time.


CollabHub enables up to 12 people to jump into a VR environment with a big interactive whiteboard at the centre. This focal point can then be used to draw diagrams such as flow charts, org charts, mind mapping, process diagrams and more using over 30 shapes including lines, rectangles, ellipses, arrows, and triangles.

These can then be moved and edited as required during a session by any user as well as importing PNG images to further enhance those diagrams. Once complete, the board can then be exported to an image file (PNG) or scalable vector graphics file (SVG) to easily share with others.

The app also features customisation options to change the colour, material and opacity of the board, a night mode is available to work under a starry sky, plus several indoor and outdoor environments. Avatars can be personalised to each user’s individual tastes with voice and lip-synch providing a more expressive experience.


The VR virtual meeting sector has grown extensively over the last 12 months, as both companies and individuals find new ways to interact remotely. From social hubs like AltspaceVR to fully blown conference venues in the Vive XR Suite, depending on the level of interaction required there should be an app to suit most needs.

CollabHub will leave Early Access on Steam and hit the Oculus Store for Rift on Monday, 18th January. An Oculus Quest version is also in the works, with a launch currently slated for Q2 this year. As further updates are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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