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Nolo VR

Nolo VR Unveils New All-in-One VR Headset for CES 2021

The VR company will be showcasing several of its products during the all digital event.

CES 2021 is a few days away from opening and like most is having to adjust to an all-digital event due to the pandemic. As companies gear up for a mass load of Zoom calls, virtual reality (VR) specialist Nolo VR has unveiled a couple of new products making their debut including an all-in-one headset.

Nolo VR All-in-One ODM Solution
6DoF Inside-Out All-in-One VR headset ODM Solution. Image credit Nolo VR

Currently without a product name – simply referred to as the 6DoF Inside-Out All-in-One VR headset – Nolo VR’s new device is an ODM solution designed for brands, mobile networks and other companies wishing to get into the market.

The headset uses Nolo VR’s SodarTraq ultrasonic positioning technology combined with a dual-camera SLAM solution for its 6DoF tracking. The system also comes with accompanying controllers with button configurations similar to Oculus Touch and Vive Cosmos designs.

No actual specs such as screen resolution or battery life have been revealed so far. Nolo VR has said the ODM solution will support brand customization needs such as regular/short-focus display, differentiated configuration and so forth. So expect the design to pop up in a few funky colours bundled in with a future phone contract.

Nolo VR X1
Nolo X1. Image credit Nolo VR

For CES 2021 that was Nolo VR’s only unrevealed bit of tech with the rest having previously featured at last years event. These include the Nolo N2 and Nolo CV1 Pro combo, a smartphone-based headset and 6DoF tracking solution.

Then there’s the Nolo CV1 Air, a 6DoF tracking kit designed for Huawei VR Glass and other similar VR headsets. Finally, there’s the Nolo X1 standalone headset, a true consumer focused standalone device offering wireless streaming for SteamVR. Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR1 CPU the Nolo X1 features 3GB RAM, a 96-degree FoV, 75Hz refresh rate and a 2560 x 1440 resolution.

Unfortunately, with no physical event, VRFocus will have to wait and see what the new headset is like and then report back.

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