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Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Multi-User Accounts and App Sharing to Begin Roll Out in February

It’ll be available in experimental form to begin with.

Using Oculus headsets will soon get a little bit easier when it comes to multiple people in the same house. The company has announced that two requested features, multi-user accounts and app sharing will see an experimental launch next month.

Oculus Quest 2

Beginning with Oculus Quest 2 followed by a wider roll out to all Quest owners, the Multi-User account feature will allow one headset to have four accounts; one primary account with up to three secondary accounts. That does of course mean everyone needs their own Facebook account.

With multiple accounts on the same device, users will then have the option to share apps with the rest. Apps can only be shared by the primary account holder where: “game progress and achievements will be personalized and saved separately for each account.” The caveat to this is if a secondary account purchases content it can’t be shared with any other account on the headset.

Developers have been told that from 13th February 2021 “all new Rift or Quest apps submitted to the Oculus platform will need to support App Sharing.” Current store apps are automatically opted in.

Oculus Quest 2

The App Sharing feature will then be expanded upon in the future to support multiple Oculus Quest devices. That will allow “a primary account holder to share their purchases across three devices.”

On the new features, Oculus notes: “We anticipate that these features will help grow the VR community, promote your apps, and help prevent piracy. Additionally, unique accounts and effective sharing mechanisms increase household usage, driving better engagement for the developer long term.”

This begins to deliver on what Consulting CTO for Oculus, John Carmack recently said about plans to release monthly updates for Oculus Quest. And while the Facebook login topic continues to cast a shadow over the launch of Oculus Quest 2 there’s still been plenty of positivity around the device like its active user base and support from developers. Plus there’s the new distribution path for games and apps which is expected soon. For all the latest updates from Oculus, keep reading VRFocus.

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