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John Carmack

Oculus Planning Monthly Quest Updates & Facebook Login Here to Stay Says Carmack

Interesting updates and fiery discussions.

John Carmack is known for being open and forthright when it comes to discussing the virtual reality (VR) industry, it’s why his unscripted talks during Oculus Connect (now Facebook Connect) are so fondly watched by gamers and industry professionals alike. Now a Consulting CTO for Oculus, Carmack took to Twitter this week to discuss the Facebook login news, monthly software improvements and how users can share their thoughts on Oculus’ hardware.

Oculus Quest 2

During a series of tweets Carmack started off by saying Facebook/Oculus want greater user feedback: “We are making it a priority in the new year to engage a lot more with the Quest User Voice. It still needs a bunch of updates at the moment, but this is the right place to voice your thoughts on Quest / Quest 2.” If you’ve not tried the Oculus UserVoice channel you can submit ideas and suggestions as well as voting on those already submitted.

He went onto say: “We are striving towards monthly software releases so there will be many opportunities for software features to roll in. The lead for hardware changes is measured in years, so don’t expect too much movement there.” With Oculus Rift S being discontinued in a few months the recently released Oculus Quest 2 is likely to see a major rollout of features in the coming year.

One subject that was always going to come up and is a source of much ire is the login debacle. When queried Carmack responded: “FB login isn’t going away. Given the climate, I don’t expect people to believe it, but FB is extremely serious about privacy. It will probably take a decade, as with Microsoft’s security renaissance, for it to really get acknowledged by the public.”

The topic is second from top in the Oculus UserVoice channel yet that’s unlikely to sway the company in any way. “I’m being honest that voting on removing FB login isn’t going to change the decision about it, but there are hundreds of other things where development resources can possibly be shifted,” he remarks.

While any Oculus Quest 2 owner needs a Facebook account to activate and use the headset, some authorities are investigating whether this is lawful. For further updates on this ongoing topic, keep reading VRFocus.

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