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Oculus Quest Launch Date & Trailer Arrive for Mare

Only a few days to wait.

A few days ago VRFocus reported on Visiontrick Media’s long-awaited puzzle title Mare appearing on Oculus Quest’s ‘Coming Soon’ section of the store. Today, the studio has released a brand new trailer whilst confirming the launch date will take place this week.


Previously, the last footage from the indie team was over a year old, released for SXSW 2019 when the videogame was only slated for the Oculus Rift. As so much has changed in that time in regards to the Oculus platform it’s no surprise that Oculus Quest has become the main focus whilst the Rift has taken a back seat.

To that end, Visiontrick Media is releasing Mare first for Oculus Quest, saying in a recent statement: “After years in the works, we’re happy to announce that it will finally see the light of day coming exclusively for Oculus Quest on January 7th, 2021. Mare will deliver the full experience on both Oculus Quest 1 & 2, including 90Hz support for Oculus Quest 2; furthermore, Mare will be coming to Oculus Rift at a later date in the near future.”

Looking like it’ll be the first Oculus Quest release of 2021, Mare is a gorgeous puzzle experience by a small 3-man operation based between Sweden and Japan. In the videogame you embody a mysterious artificial bird, able to fly through this vast crumbling landscape with only one mission, to help guide and protect a girl on her adventure.


As the new trailer showcases, even with Oculus Quest’s performance, the visuals do look quite epic. Viewed entirely third-person, when you’re not soaring through the skies the bird can perch to activate various switches and other interactive objects remotely so the girl can navigate the environment.

Mare‘s narrative unfolds over eight chapters, with an ambient atmosphere created by live space music pioneer Tony Gerber’s otherworldly music. Along the way, you’ll want to hunt for hidden artefacts which help to unlock secrets in the videogame.

With Mare arriving this Thursday for Oculus Quest, as more details of the Rift version are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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