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Pavlov VR

Step Into WWII With Pavlov VR’s Biggest Update Yet

Tanks have now been introduced to the game.

In Early Access since 2017, Vankrupt Games’ Pavlov VR is consistently one of the most favoured multiplayer virtual reality (VR) shooters available, and now it’s just got even better. The studio has released the v24 update, all centred around WWII maps, guns and tanks.

Pavlov VR

Originally expected in November this massive update offers players plenty of new gameplay opportunities. 18 period guns have been added to the roster form both Allied and Axis forces. US and British weapons include the M1 Garand and the Thompson, from the Soviet side you’ve got the PPSH and Mosin–Nagant, whilst the MP 40, StG 44 and MG 42 are some of the Axis weapons.

Alongside all the new weapons player outfits now suit the era so you can look the part. There are also new maps and improved maps to enjoy. New to the roster are ‘Santorini’ which is set on the Greek island in the Aegean Sea and ‘Station’, an underground map based in a US subway station. Both ‘Bridge’ and ‘Datacenter’ have been reworked to look better than ever with enhanced lighting and props.

If you’ve been playing Pavlov VR for a while then get ready for an all-new feature and gameplay mode, tanks. The first time vehicles have appeared in the videogame, these WWII monsters are designed around team-based gameplay, each tank requires a crew of three to operate. Players can either be a driver, gunner, or commander. As you’d expect, the driver steers and accelerates the tank whilst the Gunner controls an unlimited ammo machine gun which has a cooldown. Commanders operate the main gun, responsible for loading shells, aiming and firing.

Pavlov VR

The introduction of tanks mean Vankrupt Games has created a 20 player, 10v10 game mode called Tank TDM. Tanks need space so they’re only intended for the larger maps, hence why the team built its biggest yet, ‘Stalingrad’. Community members will also be able to create tank compatible maps, some have already started adding WWII content to theirs.

In addition to all of that a new character class has been introduced which can repair tanks with a blow torch ability.

Pavlov VR is available on Steam now with a 40% discount, retailing for £11.69 GBP. Its supports Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. For further updates keep reading VRFocus.

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