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System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition to Get VR Support

Only a short teasing video has been released so far.

Last year Nightdive Studios revealed work had begun on remastering 1999 classic System Shock 2. Now the team has teased virtual reality (VR) support for System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition.

Currently, all the team has released is this very short video via Twitter showcasing the videogame in action using a Valve Index controller. As you can see, there’s plenty of melee interaction using a wrench to smash windows, metal objects and a poor defenceless monkey.

The team went onto say: “No monkeys were harmed during the making of #SystemShock2EE VR.” Whilst certainly teasing, this does confirm System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition will have PC VR support to some extent. As little has been heard of the title since the 2019 announcement it’s unclear how far along development is and whether VR support will come bundled on day one.

The System Shock series is one of the most coveted from the era, praised for its mixture of role-playing and storytelling elements. Originally developed by Irrational Games – who went on to create the BioShock franchise – System Shock 2 is a sci-fi horror set on derelict starship Von Braun. The crew have become infected monsters roaming the hallways and whilst trying to survive you’re constantly taunted by a rogue AI known as SHODAN.

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There’s no launch window just yet for System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition but it’s definitely one to look forward to. Nightdive Studios is also working on a remake of System Shock, having completed a $1.3 million Kickstarter during 2016. The studio expressed an interest in VR back then as part of a $3 million stretch goal yet there’s been no mention since.

As and when further details for System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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