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Days of Heroes: D-Day

Take Part in the Normandy Landing With Days of Heroes: D-Day

A release date and price have yet to be confirmed.

There are plenty of virtual reality (VR) military shooters to choose from, whether you prefer a more online-focused experience like Onward or the more campaign centric Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond. Today, Polish developer Zen Apps Studio has announced its addition to this genre, Days of Heroes: D-Day.

Days of Heroes: D-Day

As the name indicates, Days of Heroes: D-Day is set during that pivotal military operation during WWII when Allied forces stormed the Normandy coast. In this single-player experience, you play one of the soldiers among the invading forces, choosing to be part of the airborne division who jump into enemy territory under the cover of darkness or an infantry soldier landing on Omaha beach.

Set to feature 26 missions across both characters, you’ll be faced with a variety of skirmishes. From fighting through crumbling towns and destroying enemy tanks on the battlefield to escaping from a POW camp and employing anti-aircraft fire to take down threats from above, Days of Heroes: D-Day aims to provide a fully realised WWII experience. All in a low-poly art style.

This will be supported by plenty of accurate weapons from the era. Flamethrowers, grenades, submachine guns like the Thompson and more will all be available, even artillery guns will be operable. Zen Apps Studio notes that not only the look but mechanics of the weapons will be reproduced correctly.

Days of Heroes: D-Day

Plus, the team has ensured there’s more content to keep Days of Heroes: D-Day interesting, including a shooting range which offers four different gameplay modes and a Hardcore Mode for the campaign to really offer up a challenge.

Currently, there’s no price or release date for Days of Heroes: D-Day but the title will support Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on Steam. Check out the exclusive trailer below to see the videogame in action and for further updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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