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Baobab Studios - Namoo

Teaser Trailer Arrives for Animated Poem Namoo

Namoo lands later this year for Oculus Quest.

Baobab Studios has become one of the premier creators of animated content for virtual reality (VR) headsets, from 2017’s Invasion! to the more recent Baba Yaga. Its next project is Namoo, a poetic tale due for release this year and now there’s a trailer to give you a teasing glimpse.


Namoo is being directed and written by Erick Oh (HeartHow to Eat Your Apple), with the word meaning “tree” in Korean. This is the central theme for the project, taking you on an emotional journey that follows the defining moments of one man’s life. Inspired by the life of Erick’s grandfather, from a seed the tree grows and eventually fully matures collecting significant objects that represent both good and bad memories within its branches.

The launch of the teaser trailer coincides with Namoo’s premiere during the Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontier programme this week. So you can watch Namoo now if you like alongside all the other VR content by purchasing the Explorer Pass for $25 USD. Or you can always wait for the official release which takes place this year on Oculus Quest.

For that entry price you can also enjoy works including Tinker, a live performance piece about Alzheimer’s disease by director Lou Ward. Prison X, Chapter 1: The Devil and The Sun, stepping into Bolivia’s infamous San Sebastian Prison or even an AR project called Fortune!


Created using Oculus’ real-time VR animation tool Quill, from what’s been shown so far Namoo looks very different from the rest of Baobab Studios’ work. Recent pieces like Baba Yaga, Bonfire and Crow: The Legend have included ever-increasing amounts of interaction to connect you with the story. Namoo seems like a more traditional animated experience.

If you’re after more animated content then take a look at VRFocus’ roundup of titles worth checking out. For further updates from Baobab Studios, keep reading VRFocus.

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