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Oculus Quest 2

Zuckerberg: Over 60 Oculus Devs are Generating Millions in Revenue

The money comes flowing in.

So how well is the Oculus platform doing at the moment? Well, by the sounds of Facebook’s recent Q4 2020 earnings call. It’s not just the social media giant doing well either, as the company also noted plenty of developers are generating significant revenue on its virtual reality (VR) platform.

Oculus Quest 2

During the call CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that: “Quest 2 was one of the hot
holiday gifts” of 2020, in turn helping content creators boost their sales. “We’re also seeing a growing ecosystem of developers building amazing new experiences for the platform,” he adds. “Right now, more than 60 Oculus developers are generating revenue in the millions – that’s nearly twice as many as a few months ago.”

That may not sound like a lot in comparison to the normal videogame industry but for VR that’s fairly significant. He didn’t mention which titles or developers had now achieved the milestone but we know from previous announcements that Polyarc’s Moss and Cloudhead Games’ Pistol Whip are just a couple of Oculus Quest videogames doing great numbers.

This confirms a trend towards studios either building for Oculus Quest first or at least keeping the headset in mind for later support. It used to be the case that PlayStation VR was considered the ‘must support’ headset thanks to its significant user base. But Sony hasn’t kept up with VR’s rapidly advancing trends which have led to the headset mostly getting ports, the only significant release lately was Hitman 3.

Oculus Quest 2

The number of studios seeing these sort of revenue returns could increase dramatically when Oculus Quest’s new distribution method is rolled out soon. Currently, developers either have to successfully meet all the criteria on the Oculus Store or failing that go through SideQuest. There will still be criteria to meet using the new method but it won’t be as stringent as the standard store. What form this new method will come in or how it’ll work have yet to be revealed.

Consumers not only have that to look forward to but also multi-user accounts and app sharing which see an experimental launch in February. As further updates are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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