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Oculus Quest 2

60 Oculus Quest Titles Exceed $1m in Revenue, 6 Hit $10m+

Plenty of VR videogames are earning serious revenue.

Facebook’s Q4 2020 earnings call last week offered some useful insights into how the launch of Oculus Quest 2 went as well as the success of developers on the platform. Today, the company has released greater insight into how well studios are doing detailing those revenue numbers for the first time.


In a blog post by Facebook Reality Labs’ Mike Verdu, the VP of Content has expanded upon the previous figure that over 60 titles on the Oculus Quest platform were generating millions in revenue. In September 2020 38 titles had cleared the $1 million USD barrier and now, 5 months later that’s risen to 69. Even more astounding is that 10 have achieved over $5 million and 6 have even surpassed $10 million. A positive showcase of Oculus Quest’s revenue generation.

It’s these types of figures which Verdu notes have created a surge in developer interest. “We’re seeing many new developers and titles coming to Quest—so many that we were temporarily swamped with new submissions,” he says. “We’re working on adding resources and changing our processes to accommodate all developers who want to launch games on Quest.”

When it comes to which videogames are doing really well there are few surprises. Rhythm title Beat Saber has managed to sell over 4 million copies across platforms with players purchasing 40 million songs. The recent launch of battle royale shooter Population: One in October has been a phenomenal success, one of the few to pass $10 million. Another to hit that lofty figure is military FPS Onward, surpassing $10 million just on Oculus Quest.

Population: One

Other takeaways include fitness app Supernatural which has a monthly subscription fee after the free trial see those subscriptions double since Oculus Quest 2’s launch. And boxing/dance title FitXR which recently dropped two new DLC packs has seen its sales increase “535% YoY in Q4 2020.”

The Oculus Quest platform is becoming the go-to headset for a lot of developers and that’s only set to grow in 2021 as the device doesn’t really have any competition in the standalone market. That’s only set to continue with upcoming titles like Sniper Elite VR and The Climb 2 on their way. For further updates on the platform, keep reading VRFocus.

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