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A Wake Inn

Become a Wheelchair-bound Mannequin on 25th Feb in A Wake Inn

It’ll support PC VR headsets.

Looking for a new horror videogame to give yourself a fright? If you’ve got a PC VR headset then VR Bros’ upcoming title A Wake Inn could do just that, and there’s not long to wait as a 25th February launch date has been confirmed.

A Wake Inn

To mark the announcement the studio has released a little teaser trailer for this rather unique VR horror. A few VR videogames have recently been dropping out of nowhere but VR Bros has taken a more traditional route with A Wake Inn, releasing plenty of gameplay and story details without spoiling too much.

The story revolves around the Silver Inn Hotel, a rather mysterious location owned by a Doctor Finnegan. You awake in the hotel with little understanding of why you’re there, what you do know is you’re not human, a mechanised mannequin in fact. However, you’re not some advance robot. While you do have all your limbs you’re unable to walk, having to navigate the gloomy corridors of the Silver Inn in a wheelchair with various augments.

With escape room-style puzzles to solve you’re not alone as the Doctor talks to you via shortwave radio. Plus there’s the little issue of fellow mechanised mannequins roaming the hallways which instantly want to kill you if you’re not careful. Which you need to be as you can’t run or dodge away, slowly wheeling through trying to find a way out.

A Wake Inn

VRFocus got its hands on A Wake Inn earlier this week to preview the first couple of hours. Finding in our first playthrough: “A Wake Inn still offers an exciting prospect for VR horror fans. Elements like the design of the hotel and the audio carefully craft an atmosphere rich in tension and dread, whilst teasing the sinister story just under the surface.”

A Wake Inn arrives in a couple of weeks on Steam for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Valve Index headsets. For more info, there’s always VRFocus’ interview with the team and keep an eye out for our in-depth review nearer the launch date. For all the latest VR horror updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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