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Down The Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole Adds 90Hz Support on Oculus Quest 2

It’s also available in a bundle with Red Matter for one week.

Cortopia Studios’ puzzle title Down the Rabbit Hole has made quite the impression since its launch last year, garnering positive reviews and award nominations. Today, the developer has announced support is now available for Oculus Quest 2’s 90Hz mode as well as a new bundle with Red Matter.

Down The Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole joins a growing lineup of videogames previously released for Oculus Quest that are making use of Oculus Quest 2’s extra capabilities. Some have had general visual improvements whilst others like Beat Saber have made use of the headset’s 90Hz mode for smoother gameplay. Whether you’re new to Down the Rabbit Hole or have previously completed it, either way, you’ll get an improved visual experience.

Down the Rabbit Hole launched almost a year ago, offering a twist to the classic Alice in Wonderland tale created by Lewis Carroll. This puzzle-driven adventure is set before Alice ever makes it to the magical realm, with an unnamed girl stumbling across Wonderland in search of her lost pet patches.

The videogame is set out like you’re in that rabbit hole leading down to Wonderland, with all the action taking place within its walls as small dioramas. Controlling the girl through the various scenes, each with its own puzzle, you can move the world by grabbing tree roots growing out the walls to get a better view. In some instances you’ll be transported inside the scene for a closer look.

As mentioned, alongside the update for a limited time you can by Down the Rabbit Hole and sci-fi puzzle title Red Matter in a dual bundle on the Oculus Store for $14.99 USD. The offer will be running for one week only.

Vertical Robot’s Red Matter is a suspense-laden puzzler set in an alternate future where you play a secret agent sent to an enemy’s abandoned base on Rhea, one of Saturn’s moons, to recover information. Originally released back in 2018, VRFocus found Red Matter to be: “a very high calibre VR experience, neatly weaving its story and puzzle elements together.” 

VRFocus will continue its coverage of the latest Oculus Quest 2 enhancements, reporting back with further updates.

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