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The Climb 2

Grab the Chalk as The Climb 2 Readies for Launch Next Week

Just remember, don’t look down!

After Crytek initially teased The Climb 2 during Facebook Connect last year with a slated 2020 launch date, no other details were made available. Last week the title resurfaced saying a release date was ‘coming soon’ and that day has finally come. The Climb 2 for Oculus Quest is now confirmed for next week.

The Climb 2 date

The sequel is set to offer the same physical gameplay as the 2016 original alongside new maps and features. Exclusive to the Oculus Quest platform, The Climb 2 will have 15 new locations to explore whilst introducing dynamic objects like ropes, containers, ladders, and climbing equipment that react to your weight for a realistic feel.

These maps will be set across five locales, introducing a city for the first time. So you’ll be able to climb vertical faces of glass skyscrapers using special suction cups which should make the experience even more exciting. Plus, there are new times of day that keep the visuals looking suitably impressive and difficulty levels so that scaling new mountains is as easy or hard as your ability will allow.

You’ll also have similar customisation options to the first title, now with 32 gloves, 25 watches, and 36 wristbands to unlock along the way. Having some competition goes a long way in adding replay value and keeping things interesting so The Climb 2 will have asynchronous multiplayer modes to compete with friends on the leaderboards – no climbing side-by-side, unfortunately.

The Climb

As one of VRFocus’Most Anticipated VR Games of 2021‘ there’s plenty of anticipation for The Climb 2 as one of the hot videogames to arrive for the VR headset this year. It’s the only one confirmed for March so far, so it could be a strong start to Quest’s Spring lineup.

The Climb 2 is now slated to arrive for Oculus Quest and Quest 2 on 4th March 2021. As further details are released regarding new content VRFocus will let you know.

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