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Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest Multi-User Accounts & App Sharing Roll Out Today

They’re both experimental features to begin with.

In January, Facebook announced that two new social features would be added to the Oculus platform, Multi-User Accounts and App Sharing. Today, both of those have begun to roll out to Oculus Quest 2 owners as experimental features.

Oculus Quest - sharing

While you might not be inviting loads of friends around to try VR at the moment, if there’s one headset between a bunch of family members then it’s likely they’d all want their own accounts. This has several benefits. First up is for the main account holder as they may not want to give everyone unfettered access to their account – Messenger is now available. Plus there’s the small matter of preserving details like your leaderboard scores on a variety of titles.

Accounts can be protected with an unlock pattern so you can maintain your own friend lists, browser history, privacy settings etc. A single headset can have one main admin account followed by an additional three accounts. As this is still an experimental feature this could change, especially if households have multiple headsets like Facebook hopes.

Working in conjunction with the Multi-User Accounts is App Sharing. This way the main account can purchase Oculus Store content and then share it with the other accounts so additional purchases aren’t necessary. Handy if you’re partway through a single-player campaign and someone else wants to give the videogame a try.

Oculus Quest 2

This does all mean every person who wants their own account will require a Facebook account to login to. It’s worth noting that if a secondary account purchases software, it can’t be shared with any of the other accounts, only the main admin account has that ability.

Today’s announcement means that all new store content from now on will support App Sharing. For older titles, an Oculus blog post notes: “a limited number of existing games will not yet be available through App Sharing unless players purchase their own copy, but over time we expect most of these apps to support additional users as well.”

While Oculus Quest 2 users will see Multi-User Accounts and App Sharing arrive first, all Quest users will eventually gain access to the features. There’s been no mention of Oculus Rift S in the announcement.

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