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Pickup Basketball VR

Pickup Basketball VR Slam Dunks Onto PC VR Headsets Next week

An Oculus Quest version is also planned.

Out of the few basketball videogames available for virtual reality (VR) headsets, even fewer allow for proper multiplayer court action. That could change next week when indie team Revog Games launch Pickup Basketball VR, a title which looks to offer more than just shooting 3-pointers.

Pickup Basketball VR

Unlike other sports, basketball has been one activity which hasn’t seen a full simulator-style experience, where you can dribble, block opponents shots and all the other high energy movement required. Pickup Basketball VR aims to change that, promising ‘unique technology’ to emulate the excitement of playing basketball with your friends, just at home.

Offering single-player and multiplayer modes supporting up to four people, players will be able to try their skills in 1v1, 2v2, 3 Point Contest, HORSE, and Free Shoot. Gym, Street, Paris, and Skyrise Rooftop courts will be available at launch for a change of scenery and avatar customisations – face, hair, skin tone, accessories, and jersey – mean everyone can have their own look.

As for the gameplay that’s looking promising. Dunking, layups, jump shots, blocking, jumping, passing, rebounds and, of course, dribbling are all there. So by the sound of it players are going to need a nice clear area and maybe a high ceiling – or no ceiling light – as Pickup Basketball VR could get quite competitive.

Pickup Basketball VR

There’s no AI in Pickup Basketball VR but it is something the team is considering for the final version: “We would like to add Computer AI for some of the modes like 1v1, 3 Point and Horse, however, this is not guaranteed. Would depend on user feedback and would have to weigh how important that would be to player vs other items.”

Currently, Revog Games is looking to launch Pickup Basketball VR next Thursday, 26th February via Steam Early Access for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index. The studio has also noted its working on an Oculus Quest version which should be ready in Q2 2021.

For further updater on Pickup Basketball VR, keep reading VRFocus.

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