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PlayStation Talents’ 2021 PS5 Lineup Includes VR Title Neon Hat

The cyberpunk title is due to hit PSVR in 2021.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain (SIE Spain) PlayStation Talents programme for indie developers has seen several virtual reality (VR) titles through its doors including Intruders: Hide & Seek and Do Not Open. Today sees a new batch of videogames revealed for the 2021 accelerator including a PlayStation VR title, Neon Hat.

Neon Hat

Currently, in early development by indie team Entalto Studios, the few details released so far offer a very Tron-like, cyberpunk world where players can: “Run, jump and fly over Nueva Berria’s cyberspace making your way in a world controlled by huge corporations. Glide through the air powered by your own hands and surf the web at breathtaking speeds. Information is the most valuable asset in Neon Hat world, find the highest bidders in this frantic arcade where nothing is what it seems.”

By the sounds of it, in this digital realm you’ll have enhanced abilities to explore a sprawling city buying and selling information, possibly stealing it from those mega-corporations. In one image hands do appear so Neon Hat could well support PlayStation Move, helping make that feeling of flying as immersive as possible.

Other than that, no further narrative details have been released, so it’s unclear if Neon Hat will be a linear adventure of give you a bit more freedom to uncover the cyberpunk landscape.

Neon Hat

While the announcement does note that all these PlayStation Talents projects will be PlayStation 5 exclusives for 2021, the likelihood is that with Neon Hat being a PlayStation VR title it’ll be PlayStation 4 compatible. Or there’s a very outside chance that if Neon Hat is a PS5 videogame, they’ve just revealed a PlayStation VR 2 project – but that is a long shot.

In any case, at least this adds another videogame to PlayStation VR’s roster for the year. Owners have a few to look forward to in 2021, like Winds & Leaves from Trebuchet, Joy Way’s Stride, puzzler Maskmakerteam-based FPS Solaris Offworld Combat and Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife. As further details for Neon Hat are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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