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Car Mechanic Simulator VR

Pop the Hood With Car Mechanic Simulator VR in Q2 2021

All without the need to get covered in grease.

Virtual reality (VR) isn’t just a great gaming medium it has lots of practical use cases such as training and education. But what happens when those worlds combine? Well, you get projects along the line of Car Mechanic Simulator VR which is scheduled to arrive in Q2 2021 for PC VR headsets.

Car Mechanic Simulator VR

Taking Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 and giving it a VR overhaul, you’ll be able to find out what really makes a car tick without the need for expensive tools or getting covered in grease. Car Mechanic Simulator VR challenges you to build a repair service empire, taking old junkers and tuning them back to working order to sell on and upgrade your garage.

You’ll be able to do this in a number of ways, utilising the Barn Find module and Junkyard modules to locate old cars that require restoration. Car auctions will also be available where you can sell your collection or add to it. There will be 42 cars available, 10+ tools to collect and thousands of unique parts to play with.

And that’s where the core gameplay lays, getting into there and swapping components, fixing engines, repairing brakes, respraying bodywork and much more. While Car Mechanic Simulator VR isn’t going to train you to be a mechanic it might just teach you a little about how vehicles work so they don’t seem as daunting the next time you have to change a bulb.

Car Mechanic Simulator VR

Naturally, fans of the 2018 videogame will now be able to actually go hands-on utilising Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Valve Index’s motion controllers to hammer, unscrew and physically swap parts. Car Mechanic Simulator VR also features randomly generated missions to keep you continually busy.

While VR is inundated with shooters and rhythm-action videogames, titles like Car Mechanic Simulator VR are far rarer. Wrench is one of the only other examples of this type of experience. As further details regarding Car Mechanic Simulator VR‘s launch are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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