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Realworld to Bring the Planet to Your Fingertips on Oculus Quest

It’ll also support mobile AR and mixed reality devices.

Apps like Google Earth VR or Wander have been a great way to see the world considering travel has been so restricted for most. This week Cubic VR founder Haldun Kececigil has revealed a new project coming to Oculus Quest and other devices where you can explore the world with friends, Realworld.


Currently, in early development, Realworld is being built with Oculus Quest as the primary platform and as the introductory trailer showcases, it’ll be fully hand-tracking compatible so you can navigate with a pinch of your fingers. Set out like an interactive table, you’ll be able to grab the map and zoom into wherever you’ve selected, being able to walk through cities and look up at skyscrapers or explore iconic landmarks.

But Realworld isn’t just an interactive map to wander through, you’ll have the option to invite friends and get creative. Also designed as a social experience the app will offer customizable avatars as well as voice chat. This will aid the productive side of Realworld where drawing tools will be on-hand to sketch ideas, pin notes and take pictures or import 3D models from the cloud to see them at real-world scale.

Thus designers can use Realworld as a remote presentation tool, either to those in virtual reality (VR) or livestream to a wider audience online. There are even options to create tours, animate scenes and bring up data visualisations.


Alongside Oculus Quest, Realworld is being built to support a wide array of devices from mixed reality (MR) headsets like Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 to mobile AR and PC VR headsets.

Currently in private beta, Realworld is accepting beta testers through its official website. “We are accepting new testers from diverse backgrounds. Tell us about your background and why you are interested in Realworld,” the team notes.

Realworld doesn’t have a released date just yet. When further details are made available, VRFocus will let you know.

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