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Rhythm 'n Bullets

Rhythm ‘n Bullets Latest Oculus Quest App Lab Release

The App Lab roster begins to grow.

Last week saw the release of App Lab, a new initiative by Facebook allowing virtual reality (VR) developers to get their projects onto Oculus Quest without sideloading or meeting Oculus Store’s stringent standards. While 12 were part of the initial announcement, DB Creations’ Rhythm ‘n Bullets has now become part of the roster.

Rhythm 'n Bullets

Rhythm ‘n Bullets originally launched back in November 2020 for PC VR headsets on Steam, offering a mix of arcade-style shoot ’em up with rhythm-action gameplay. Players control a starfighter in each hand, where they have to shoot waves of enemies to protect a core.

Enemies attack from all sides, diving towards the core in time with the soundtrack. To ensure all your shots have maximum damage you need time them to the beat, grabbing power-ups on route to aid in the endeavour. There are four themes across the campaign to play through, a future tech city with an 80s beat; a Japanese-inspired scene with thumping electronic tunes, a holiday forest, and a climatic Galaxy Zone space battle. After the campaign, you can then jump into the endless mode to attain a high score on the global leaderboards.

Like any App Lab title, there are several ways to access Rhythm ‘n Bullets as it doesn’t appear on the Oculus Store. The easiest ways are to either follow this Oculus link or head on over to SideQuest. Rhythm ‘n Bullets retails for £7.99 GBP plus there is a free demo on SideQuest to test out. Oculus notes that any App Lab title may feature unknown issues but as Rhythm ‘n Bullets is on multiple storefronts including Steam, Viveport, as well as Pico Neo 2, it should be fairly stable.

Rhythm 'n Bullets

DB Creations plan on releasing more content for Rhythm ‘n Bullets in the near future, with a fifth theme and a challenge mode currently in development.

There’s been no clear indicator of how often App Lab titles may appear, whether they’ll be sporadic or regularly rolled out as more VR studios look to use the new distribution method. As further videogames arrive on App Lab, VRFocus will continue to let you know.

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