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Sci-fi Survival Horror Cosmodread Heads to Steam & Oculus Quest in March

Formerly called Cosmophobia.

Almost exactly a year ago White Door Games announced its next virtual reality (VR) project, a survival horror called Cosmophobia. Today, the studio has revealed the project is now called Cosmodread and that it’ll launch next month for PC VR and Oculus Quest headsets.


Well versed in the art of horror gameplay thanks to 2015’s Dreadhalls, Cosmodread looks to be as equally terrifying and full of suspense, challenging players to survive on board a dying spaceship. Looking like its been captured by some alien presence, players have to explore the winding corridors and darkened rooms for resources, the eventual goal being to find a way back to Earth.

Offering a fully interactive experience to scare the life out of players, they’ll be able to grab handles to open doors and cupboards to rifle through their contents. All of which can be used to craft weapons and other useful items to aid the journey. This will be vital when dealing with the various enemies and environmental hazards on board.

Apart from a very brief glimpse at the very end of the trailer, White Door Games hasn’t revealed what horrors actually await players. Whether they’re some extraterrestrial menace or the crew of this seemingly abandoned spaceship contorted into monsters due to some horrifying event. Either way, players will have to hide behind cover and kill them with a crossbow or when ammo is short, distract them with anything laying around.


Just like In Death: Unchained or Until You Fall, Cosmodread will offer runs through procedural levels completely changing the environment, item locations and enemy spawn points. So every gameplay session will be different to provide a new challenge. It’s unclear if Cosmodread will feature similar mechanics to those games mentioned, where certain bonuses will roll over into the next playthrough upon death.

Cosmosdread is scheduled to launch on 25th March 2021 on the Oculus Store for Oculus Quest and Rift (with cross-buy) and Steam for HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Take a look at the atmospheric new trailer below and for further updates on Cosmodread, keep reading VRFocus.

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