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Solaris Offworld Combat

Squad Up in Solaris Offworld Combat’s Pre-Match Lobby Update

Chat with team mates and practice those gun skills in the new warm up lobby

A couple of days ago First Contact Entertainment announced that its arena shooter Solaris Offworld Combat would be getting its PlayStation VR launch this Spring. Today, current players on Oculus Quest and Rift will get a new update further improving the title’s squad functionality.

Solaris Offworld Combat

Being introduced is an all-new pre-match warm-up lobby so players can settle in before each match. Here they’ll be able to explore the map, pick up weapons, practice ejecting opponents and, of course, chat with teammates. Once at least four players have joined Solaris Offworld Combat will start a match a few minutes later rather than waiting for a full roster of 8 players. As players get used to the system First Contact Entertainment will roll out further improvements based on feedback.

The 1.06 update includes the ability to communicate with your squad whilst in the squad menu thanks to the addition of Vivox. The studio has also tuned the shotgun so that it stays effective at close to medium range but its long-range damage is greatly reduced. Players will notice that the update has removed Vortex Prime from the map rotation.

Solaris Offworld Combat might be a 4v4 team-based shooter like First Contact Entertainment’s other FPS Firewall Zero Hour but that’s where the similarities end. Released for Oculus headsets in September 2020 Solaris Offworld Combat pits teams in a singular gameplay mode called ‘Control Point’. Once players spawn they have to rush to a designated area and hold it for as long as possible, building up their points in the process before the highlighted location moves.

Solaris Offworld Combat

This is made all the more difficult as you don’t select your loadout. Everyone starts equally, with a pistol. As you explore the arena more weapons can be found like rail guns or rocket launchers to give you that edge. Plus there are other useful items hidden around like health and shields.

The PlayStation VR launch this Spring won’t just give players another reason to use their PlayStation Aim controller, Solaris Offworld Combat will feature cross-play support, expanding the online community.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Solaris Offworld Combat, reporting back with further updates.

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