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The Climb 2 coming soon

The Climb 2 Teases its Release Date is ‘Coming Soon’

Still playing the waiting game.

A couple of days ago The Climb Twitter account teased that ‘exciting news’ would be coming this week, and it has delivered, sort of. While you may have expected an actual release date for The Climb 2, today’s announcement does at least confirm a date is on the way.

The Climb 2

Crytek’s The Climb 2 was revealed during Facebook Connect in September 2020 as part of the Oculus Quest 2 announcement. With a 2020 launch date slated just like the other titles which were unveiled, The Climb 2 was the only one that didn’t make it. In fact, there have been no updates on the climbing sequel between now and then.

The Tweet simply says: “Prepare yourselves for an unforgettable experience. The Climb 2 is coming soon! We’ll share more information regarding the release date in the coming days.” Not much to go on considering five months of silence. But the sounds of it more details will arrive next week, or it’ll just drop out the blue onto the Oculus Store.

As for what to expect in The Climb 2, well there’s going to be lots more scaling dizzying heights, scampering along ledges and generally not trying to look down too often. There will be new scenic mountain locations to experience and you’ll be climbing the vertical faces of glass skyscrapers using special suction cups for the first time.

The Climb 2

As for new features, you’ll just have to wait as Crytek maintains its silence. VRFocus expects Oculus Quest 2’s 90Hz mode to be supported and would hope that the hand tracking is utilised as not enough titles on the platform do. It would be a missed opportunity considering the gameplay.

Back in 2016 when The Climb first launched for Oculus Rift it was one of the few premium VR experiences available. Known for its gorgeous visuals it arrived way before Oculus Touch helped to add that sense of realism.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of The Climb 2, reporting back when further details are available.

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