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VR MMORPG Zenith Closes in on Alpha, Showcases City Taster

The videogame continues to look promising.

Ramen VR’s upcoming MMORPG Zenith receives sporadic updates at the best of times, the last was in November 2020 and now there’s another. The team – which has grown from 2 in 2019 up to 10 – recently released a video of the inner city of Zenith, more combat gameplay and an update on the alpha.

Zenith cityview

In the video, Ramen VR gives eager fans the best look of the city shown to date, sweeping through the empty streets in “drone cam” fashion. From the looks of things, Zenith is shaping up quite nicely, with the city design a mixture of futuristic skyscrapers and wide avenues interspersed with traditional Japanese design elements.

Being an MMORPG, players will be expecting plenty of locations to explore so it’s good to know this little taster is only of the inner city. Expansive in itself, the fully finished version is set to be massive, with plenty of space to rack up hundreds of hours in.

And that’s not even counting all the environments outside the city. To see a bit more of that alongside some combat take a look at this short video with Zenith’s Essence Mage DPS edition dealing massive AOE damage with their Lightning Strike ability.

Zenith enemies

Lastly there’s the Alpha. Ramen VR held Zenith’s pre-alpha back in March 2020 for Kickstarter backers with the Alpha set to launch soon. Those that back any of the Kickstarter tiers from $39 USD and above will be eligible.

The studio launched the Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign a couple of years ago, looking to raise a rather modest $25,000. It ended up successfully reaching over $280k from 3,415 backers, promising a VR MMO inspired by the team’s favourite animes and JRPGs. Zenith will support VR and non-VR gamers alike to ensure there are no barriers to being a part of the community. Headset support will be for Oculus Quest and Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality.

As Ramen VR continue to release further updates for Zenith, VRFocus will let you know.

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