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Ready Player Me - Wolf3D

Wolf3D Makes VRChat Avatar Creation Selfie Simple

You don’t even need a photo it’s that easy.

Step into the huge online social world of VRChat and you’ll find there’s plenty to explore. Before you get that far you’ll need some sort of avatar. Whilst you’ll be provided with a basic body and then given community created ones to select from, you might want to make your own. And that’s where Wolf3D steps in, making that process simple with its newly integrated app Ready Player Me.

Ready Player Me

Rather than having to download the VRChat software development kit (SDK) to create an avatar all you need to do is head to the Ready Player Me website, upload a selfie or take a photo with your webcam and Wolf3D’s software will do the rest. After that, you can further tweak your avatar with a selection of customisation options. Once finished click the “Import to VRChat,” log in to your account and wait about five minutes for it to appear in your avatar list.

You don’t even need a photo, bypassing that stage to create an avatar from the 200 customization options which include outfits, hairstyles, and tattoos. Whichever method is chosen, your new VRChat avatar can be used on both PC and Oculus Quest versions. More customization options will continue to be added.

“For many, creating an avatar in VRChat is both a daunting and very important task,” said Graham Gaylor, Co-Founder & CEO of VRChat in a statement. “We’re excited to work with Wolf3D to help make avatar creation easier and more accessible for everyone in the VRChat universe!”

Ready Player Me - Wolf3D

Wolf3D’s Ready Player Me is a cross-platform avatar creator which has been available for a while now. Compatible with apps including MeetinVR, Mozilla Hubs, and LIV, the platform offers a free Unity 3D SDK for those developers wishing to integrate avatar creation into their project.

Avatars are an important part of any social VR world, with each platform offering greater flexibility for users. As further updates are released for Ready Player Me, VRFocus will let you know.

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