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Yupitergrad’s PlayStation VR Launch Date is Next Week

There will be separate digital and physical launches.

It wasn’t long ago that PlayStation VR’s lineup of new videogames was looking a little bare, with Hitman 3 the only notable exception. That’s beginning to turn around, today seeing Gamedust announce that its swinging sci-fi puzzle title Yupitergrad is just over a week away from launch.


Yupitergrad arrived last summer for PC VR headsets with the studio going onto confirm that Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR would get support. That happened in January for Quest while PlayStation VR will see both digital and physical copies made available. It’ll hit PlayStation Store on Thursday 25th February with the retail version available through Perp Games’ store on 13th March.

Just like the Oculus Quest launch, players will not only get 50-levels of death-defying madness to swing through, they’ll also be treated to the new Time Attack mode. This fast-paced section serves up 20 levels to speed through, providing brand new ones as well as reworked levels from the campaign.

Yupitergrad is set on a space station orbiting Jupiter and you just so happen to be the unlucky cosmonaut sent up there to conduct a fateful experiment. Once everything goes into disarray you pop on some unusual grappling gloves to navigate the station and get things working again. There’s just the teeny, tiny problem that this space station’s corridors and passageways are filled with spinning wheels of destruction, water, or just open out into the void of space.


In its review, VRFocus found Yupitergrad had its own unique brand of humour and gameplay: “What you see is what you get with Gamedust’s latest VR experience and that’s no bad thing. From the aesthetics to the locomotion, Yupitergrad is a nicely crafted VR game which was thrilling to play at points.”

PlayStation VR owners not only have Yupitergrad to look forward to, but there’s also Neon Hat, InnerspaceVR’s Maskmaker, Winds & Leaves from TrebuchetWraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife by Fast Travel Games, parkour title Strideand 4v4 arena shooter Solaris Offworld Combat.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of the latest 2021 PlayStation VR releases.

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