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etee SteamVR

eteeControllers and SteamVR Trackers Now Available, Full Kit £259

TG0’s controllers feature patented full finger sensing technology

There’s a saying “it never rains but it pours” and that certainly seems apt at the moment when it comes to tracking movement in virtual reality (VR). So far this year you got the third-gen Vive Trackers, the Manus Pro Tracker and the upcoming Tundra tracker. If any of those don’t pique your interest then maybe British firm TG0 just might, announcing the launch of its eteeTracker and eteeContollers.

etee mounting straps with tracker
etee Body Tracking Strap with eteeTracker. Image credit: etee

VRFocus readers may remember TG0 holding a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2020 with the standard eteeControllers providing 3DoF control to which you can add the eteeTracker for complete 6DoF support with SteamVR. Now all the main products are available to buy both separately and in bundle form with introductory discounts available until the end of May.

The eteeControllers retail for £199 GBP (normally £219), designed to be lightweight with their biggest selling point being TG0’s patented full finger sensing technology. It was this tech the company was founded on, enabling touch, pressure, gesture and proximity sensing. However, if you want them for VR gaming you’ll want the eteeControllers SteamVR kit which retails for £259 (normally £299), supplied with the eteeTracker. The detachable tracker has a 360° field of view (FOV) and has a 5-hour runtime off a 60-minute charge. eteeTrackers can also be purchased separately for only £56 (normally £99) so you can add them to your feet or waist. The etee body tracking straps aren’t available just yet.

“We believe in innovation, more human interaction and ‘VR for all'”, said Jakub Kamecki, VP Business Development at TG0, in a statement. “Our tracker and controller ecosystem gives users an accessible entry point, a more comfortable, human experience, and superior technology.”

Tracker Comparison Chart
Image credit: etee

“Every day more people enter the world of VR, but as the community grows, players are demanding better and more versatile VR experiences. Users want to engage with each other in VRchat and metaverse environments like NeosVR, and to be tracked whether they sit, dance, lie down or gesticulate,” Kamecki continues. “We want to bring VR to the people. That means creating affordable, accessible equipment that fits users’ needs for more human-centric VR. That is our mission, and making these trackers available is another step towards completing it.”

As the eteeController kit is designed for SteamVR owners, they offer a viable alternative to the standard HTC Vive motion controllers and currently come in at the same price as the Valve Index controllers – which are out of stock here in the UK. Plus, use code SOFT5 for a 5% discount on all orders over £300 on eteexr.com. When VRFocus gets its hands on a pair we’ll let you know what they’re like.

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