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Farpoint Studio Tease Cryptic Message for Upcoming Game

Its due for release later this year.

Back in December Farpoint developer Impulse Gear reappeared after staying quiet for a couple of years by teasing that it was “building something special.” Now the studio has gone a step further with a logo, a cryptic message and confirmation that whatever it’s working on will arrive this year.

Impluse Gear image

In a blog post, Impulse Gear mentions that: “we’re just about ready to announce our next title.” Going onto say: “As many of you guessed, it is a VR game and it arrives this year.” This is followed by a somewhat garbled audio message.

From those few details, it does sound like the next project will still contain a sci-fi theme although it remains a mystery if this will be a Farpoint sequel or entirely new. There’s also no mention of what platforms it’ll support, presumably PlayStation VR will get a look in as Farpoint was exclusive to the headset. But there have been fewer and fewer for Sony’s device. With a 2021 launch window, VRFocus would expect an Oculus Quest version due to its popularity.

Guessing aside, there shouldn’t be too long to wait for further information as Impulse Gear notes: “We will be making a full reveal and announcement soon.”

Farpoint screenshot

There’s going to be plenty of interest in whatever the studio has been working on. Farpoint was a very well-received title back in 2017, helping launch the PlayStation Aim controller in the process, a great showcase for Sony’s latest peripheral.

Whilst a followup to the PlayStation VR has now been officially confirmed, it won’t be arriving this year. Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is promising big things, it’ll still be cabled but it’ll up the resolution, field of view (FoV) and feature a brand new controller with ideas from PlayStation 5’s latest DualSense device.

As Impulse Gear release further details VRFocus will keep you updated.

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