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First Gameplay Trailer Released for Dungeon Crawler Demeo

The launch is still slated for 2021.

After its initial tease in December, Resolution Games is back with more details about its upcoming, turn-based dungeon crawler Demeo. These include actual gameplay from this tabletop experience as well as confirmation it’ll support standard PC gaming.

Demeo screenshot2

As expected Demeo is very much like classic Dungeons & Dragons where a team of players enter a grim, medieval dungeon and fight their way through hordes of adversaries. Supporting up to four people in multiplayer co-op, the video showcases a game being played in a basement with the players looking down on the action.

Able to select from a band of heroes (Guardian, Sorcerer, Assassin and Hunter) each with their own particular attributes to aid the journey, players take it in turns to roll the die and plan their moves. They’ll also have special ability cards gathered from treasure chests to combine with regular attacks to make them more potent.

“It’s so easy to get lost in the different environments of the game,” explained Tommy Palm, CEO of Resolution Games in a statement. “Are you sitting around a table playing a board game with friends in your parents’ basement? Yes. Are you a hero exploring levels of a dungeon and facing hordes of monsters and traps with your fellowship of warriors? Also yes. It’s this combined experience that’s so reminiscent of traditional tabletop gaming with friends that makes Demeo such an engaging experience.” 

Demeo screenshot1

“Our goal in creating Demeo was to design a shared gaming adventure for friends to become completely immersed in fantasy worlds, where they can step out of their everyday experiences and find a chance to escape the outside world together,” added Palm. “It’s very much like an old school game night with friends, but now with a bit of previously impossible wish fulfillment: your thought of ‘man, I wish I could be in this game’ has actually come true, and it’s more incredible than you ever imagined.” 

Demeo is expected to launch later this year for Oculus Quest and Rift, and via Steam for Valve Index and HTC Vive. To ensure maximum support for as many players as possible a non-VR version for PC will also be released, for cross-platform gameplay, a first for Resolution Games. Check out the trailer below and for further details on Demeo, keep reading VRFocus.

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