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Hitman 3’s First Mission is Free for the Next Week

Get the free content whilst you can.

Today see’s IO Interactive launch its Seven Deadly Sins season for Hitman 3, the start of a seven part DLC expansion. For those who haven’t stepped into the world of Agent 47 in 2021 then today offers a different surprise, free content so you can demo the videogame and carry your progress over should you wish to continue with a purchase.

HITMAN 3 - Dubai

The developer is launching the Hitman 3 Free Starter Pack today, available until 5th April. Download the pack and you’ll be able to play the first mission, Dubai, where you have to explore the tallest building in the world to complete your objectives. While the window for playing the free mission is limited, the studio will be continuing the free feature into the future.

Hitman 3’s free starter pack will provide permanent access to the ICA Facility where you can meet your handler, start earning XP as well as unlocks for the main paid title. Down the line, you’ll be granted free limited-time access to Hitman 3’s other locations, and as an extra bonus today you’ll be able to play the ‘Nightcall’ mission set in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand from Hitman 2.

And why stop there. One of Hitman 3’s most interesting features was the ability to bring locations from Hitman 1 & 2 if you owned the videogames. The starter pack has that ability from 31st March: “Import the locations that you can already access in HITMAN 2 and carry over your progress to start playing with the new features and improvements from HITMAN 3,” notes an IO Interactive blog post.

Hitman III

And what about players that have already bought Hitman 3? Well, anything freely available via the starter pack is also accessible to them as well, which include the ‘Nightcall’ mission. Anyway, they’ll be too busy playing the new Season of Greed which has paid DLC and free Escalations, Featured Contracts and Elusive Targets cropping up.

Hitman 3 has been well received across all supported platforms but when it comes to virtual reality (VR) the title is only compatible with PlayStation VR. As further content updates are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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