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Part 2 of Maskmaker’s Behind-the-Scenes Documentary Released

Just over a month until launch.

Looking forward to what InnerspaceVR has in store for its next virtual reality (VR) title Maskmaker? The studio has been revealing a wealth of information about this upcoming puzzler and today there’s a little more, with the second part of its ‘Behind the Mask’ series in collaboration with publisher MWMi.


With part one setting the scene with a little bit about the studio’s history and what inspired Maskmaker, part two properly steps into the videogame. As the title suggests Maskmaker core gameplay dynamic revolves around the creation of masks by finding new designs as well as the various resources to create them. This idea evolved from the fact that InnerspaceVR wanted to move away from the linear narrative of A Fisherman’s Tale, allowing players a degree of freedom and creativity.

The masks are able to transport you to different six biomes, from snowy peaks to lush green forests. As InnerspaceVR has previously shown some locations can’t be accessed without scanning the inhabitant’s and their masks. You then reproduce them to embody those characters and explore further. These all have their own unique mask components such as shells, feathers and flowers so gameplay will involve nipping back and forth as necessary.  

The video gives you a good idea of the mask process and the depth you can go to with the designs. InnerspaceVR has ensured the various steps make use of VR’s capabilities, so for instance you have to use a hammer and chisel to carve the wooden block which creates the base mold. A large sink provides all the colours you’ll need, mixing base paints up to create new colours to make each mask more vivid than the rest.


Set to become InnerspaceVR’s biggest VR title to date, Maskmaker‘s single-player story is estimated to take around 5-6 hours, with replay value added by way of the maskmaking sandbox and hidden secrets to find.

InnerspaceVR will launch Maskmaker for HTC Vive, Valve Index, Oculus Rift (Oculus Quest is compatible via Link cable) and PlayStation VR on 20th April 2021. For further updates keep reading VRFocus.

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