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Movin Force

Party/Sports Mashup Movin Force Launches Kickstarter

The campaign aims to raise at least €10k.

Love energetic virtual reality (VR) fitness videogames and want to support the latest projects? Keiron Interactive recently launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign looking to raise funds for a party/sports-inspired title called Movin Force.

Movin Force

The idea with Movin Force is that players compete in the Kore Tournament, an Olympic Games of sorts where various nations and their champions aim to complete every challenge to attain victory. Players will choose their nation, each one with their own particular strengths and weaknesses, with certain games mirroring these skills.

Movin Force is already well into its development with the team creating three game modes (Arcade, Campaign & Training), five mini-games and two armours. In addition to these, two nations have so far been developed Esperia and Neonia. The studio plans on expanding these to a total of four nations, 10 mini-games and more armour designs.

All the mini-games are designed to be physical and active, Boreas for example is about quick reflexes, hitting illuminated runes quickly. While Egidas is kind of like human pinball.

Movin Force

Currently in the pre-alpha stage, Keiron Interactive is looking to raise €10,000 EUR by the end of March, with €2k already achieved. Funding tiers start from €5 but that doesn’t get you the videogame, you’ll need to up that amount to €12 (a 40% discount on the final price) to nab a copy. The tiers do go up to €500 if you like exclusive statues and other goodies.

Hitting that €10k will help bring Movin Force to market, should its stretch goals be achieved – which are fairly modest – then new features will be added. The core videogame is single-player but if the campaign manages to raise €45k then a 4-person multiplayer will be unlocked. That’s the final stretch goal so by that point other features like a Survival Mode, and more mini-games will have been included.

Keiron Interactive expects to launch Movin Force for Oculus Quest first, arriving in Q3 2021. A Steam version is planned for Q4 this year followed by a PlayStation VR version in Q1 2022. As the Kickstarter continues VRFocus will bring you further updates.

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