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Sculpt Awesome Organic Models This April With Argil for PC VR

It’s all about feeling the clay…

There are a number of immersive solutions for those that want to get artistic in virtual reality (VR) and soon there will be another. Valkyrie Industries has announced a sculpting app called Argil, with plans to launch the software next month for PC VR headsets.


Designed to make sculpting organic 3D models quick and seamless, Argil provides a range of tools so that it almost feels like manipulating real clay. Offering a meditative and relaxing space so creators can focus on their models, they can pinch, squeeze, carve and stretch their designs as they see fit, before utilising the colour palette to bring their creation to life.

“Our mission is to enable people to create 3D objects in virtual reality in the most intuitive way, specifically using hands and haptic gloves. Our first product Argil will work with regular VR controllers and will be released on Steam to get to a wide community of VR users, learn from them and improve our product,” said Ivan Isakov, CTO at Valkyrie Industries, in a statement. “Since Argil was designed with hands in mind, In the future we are planning to integrate Argil with various haptic gloves for more natural feel and fuller immersion.”

Creators can start from scratch or import models to manipulate. Once crafted and finalised the design can be exported as an OBJ to be 3D-printed into a real sculpture.


When it arrives, Argil will join the likes of SculptrVR, Gravity Sketch, Medium – which was acquired by Adobe from Oculus in 2019 – and most famous of all, Tilt Brush, as immersive ways to digitally unleash those artistic skills.

Valkyrie Industries will launch Argil on Steam for HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality and Oculus Rift headsets (Oculus Quest via Oculus Link) on 21st April 2021. For further updates on Argil as well as the latest artistic VR apps, keep reading VRFocus.

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