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Swarm Officially Launches Early April, New Trailer Drops

Only three weeks to wait.

If you’re looking for a new arcade shooter then keep an eye out for Greensky Games’ Swarm, which offers wide-open arenas, flying bug-like enemies and lots and lots of insane grapple locomotion. As VRFocus reported over the weekend, Swarm‘s launch was expected soon and that’s been proven correct today, with a launch date set for three weeks time.


As expected, Swarm will be coming to Oculus Quest and Rift first, letting players jump into the action on 8th April 2021. Supporting cross-buy on the Oculus platform, Swarm is a single-player arcade experience that challenges players to complete fast and furious levels, continually moving by grappling between platforms whilst unleashing a barrage of projectiles on swarms of enemies.

The new launch trailer showcases all of this and more, with players able to dual wield pistols and other weaponry, all of which can fire grappling cables. The trick is to gain enough speed and height so you can focus on shooting all the little enemies as well as the really big ones. And there are some huge bosses to defeat! Swarm will offer 21 levels and 5 dynamic zones to play through so there should be plenty of gameplay to get stuck into in April.

Entirely single-player, there has been mention of a planned multiplayer mode with Redditor Jdconnel saying “Developer here: Yep – multiplayer is the first thing we’re going to be working on post-launch!” Here’s hoping Greensky Games adds a co-op mode to battle those bosses with a mate as well as PvP, going one-on-one in those arenas would certainly be challenging.


As for wider headset support a SteamVR version is still planned but that’ll now arrive at some point during the summer.

When VRFocus gets its hands-on Swarm we’ll let you know how intense all that swinging and plummeting around those levels can be.

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