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The Stunning Sci-Fi World of Hubris VR Awaits Fall 2021

It’ll support SteamVR headsets and PlayStation VR.

It’s been quite the week for virtual reality (VR) videogame announcements with plenty of content slated for 2021. Those of you who love a good sci-fi adventure should keep an eye out for Cyborn’s upcoming title Hubris VR, with an impressive looking trailer released this week.


The single-player adventure puts you in the role of a recruit training to be an agent of the Order-Of-Objectivity, a fear organisation also known as the ‘OOO’. Sent to look for a mysterious agent called Cyanha you have to survive in a hostile environment currently undergoing terraforming, encounter new factions and building new items along the way.

Hubris VR promises a fully explorable world where you can climb, swim, jump and run around as you please. You’ll encounter a wide variety of creatures, some friend some foe, a mixture of alien wildlife, humanoids, and mechanized enemies. And like any good survival experience you’ll have to keep an eye out for resources to craft weapons and useful tools.

From the looks of the first trailer which features both cinematic and gameplay elements, Hubris VR is set to offer a lush, futuristic world with clear blue seas filled with aquatic creatures, green mountainous regions and base designs that wouldn’t be out of place in Halo.


Originally started as a 3D animation company back in 1998, Cyborn works across numerous verticals including its own productions, international co-productions and works for hire in film, gaming and apps. Hubris VR will be its first in-house consumer VR videogame. Following the launch, it’ll be supported by Hubris mini-series Terra-former.

Hubris VR is currently down for a Fall 2021 launch for Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality headsets and PlayStation VR. It’ll be the first in a multi-episode space saga with Cyborn planning an expansive universe by the sound of it. As further details of Hubris VR are released VRFocus will let you know, for now, check out the first trailer below.

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