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Tyto Labs Introduces VR Into Agency’s day-to-day Operations

All of Tyto’s employees now have an Oculus Quest 2.

Consumer virtual reality (VR) might make all the headlines but companies have embraced the technology on a global scale across a range of use cases. It’s not often that you hear of a PR agency utilising VR across its normal everyday operations, however, that’s exactly what Tyto has recently implemented.

Oculus Quest 2

The initiative was launched by the agency’s research and development centre, Tyto Labs, with each employee supplied with an Oculus Quest 2. As the company operates a remote workforce anyway, the addition of VR into its day-to-day working environment means employees can stay better connected as well as staying up to date with the latest technology.

Spearheaded by Associate Director Lavinia Haane, the aim is solely to explore communication within its own workforce. With everyone having a VR headset Tyto will be looking at ways to improve collaboration and diverse its creative services for clients.

“Tyto is communicating for some of the most innovative brands in the world, so it only follows suit that we stay on top of innovation ourselves,” says Zoë Clark, one of Tyto’s partners in a statement. Tyto Labs is constantly on the hunt for technology that can help us improve and grow as an agency in any way possible. We aim to do this by tapping into the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm of our staff. Any Tyto Labs project is launched with a no rules, no restrictions discovery phase, which allows everyone to simply road test technology without a specific performance measure in mind.”

Image credit Tyto Labs

VRFocus expects this trend to continue as more companies work on a more location-agnostic model, freeing people up from daily commutes to increase productivity. There are already numerous apps to facilitate remote working such as MeetinVR, SpatialGlueThe WildSkyRealVisionxRVive XR Suite and many more. All offering free and subscription services catering from small business up to large corporates.

As companies and agency’s like Tyto continue to adopt VR to communicate in-house or with clients, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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