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Carve Snowboarding

A Winter Downhill Wonderland Awaits in Carve Snowboarding

If you’re of a certain age, remember 90’s gaming and owned an N64 then you may recall 1080° Snowboarding, one of the platform’s best sporting titles and seen as a benchmark for future games of that ilk. Well, one of its creators, Giles Goddard has teamed up with Chuhai Labs to create a spiritual successor in virtual reality (VR), Carve Snowboarding.

Carve Snowboarding

Announced during the Oculus Gaming Showcase today, Carve Snowboarding is set to offer all the thrills and highspeed excitement of this extreme sport, hurtling down mountains, performing giant leaps, grinding rails and pulling tricks to win big. Details so far come from the first announcement trailer, highlighting some of the courses, gameplay, and a few additional extras.

Carve Snowboarding will have a nice wooden hut as your base of operations by the looks of things, with an old-school boombox allowing you to swap tapes out so you can listen to tunes on the slopes. A selection of snowboards are on the wall so you’ll be able to mix and match between those, although it’s unclear if the variances are purely cosmetic. On the far wall looking like a big screen TV is the list of the main options, selecting the courses and gameplay modes such as Time Attack. You’ll also have a per pooch to keep you company.

The big question regarding a videogame like Carve Snowboarding is how well the studio manages to translate actual snowboarding into VR whilst ensuring a comfortable experience. Probably the best example so far is Early Access PC VR title Terje Haakonsen’s Powder VR which offers both arcade and simulation styles. At this early stage, Carve Snowboarding seems to be a more arcade-style experience.

Carve Snowboarding

At the moment there are no other details for Carve Snowboarding, such as when it might be arriving and whether it’ll be a PC VR or native Oculus Quest title.

The Oculus Gaming Showcase has been filled with updates and new info on currently known VR projects but Carve Snowboarding was the first brand new one to be revealed. As further updates are released for the snowboarding title, VRFocus will let you know.

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