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Oculus Update v28

Air Link, 120Hz Support & More Coming to Oculus Quest 2 in v28 Update

Pair a Logitech K830 keyboard to type in VR!

The Oculus Quest 2 already provides a great virtual reality (VR) experience with plenty of videogames and apps to keep users busy. Facebook has plans to continually enhance what you can do using the headset, revealing what’s coming next in the v28 update. It’s going to be a big one, especially where quest 2 is concerned with new features including Air Link and 120Hz refresh support confirmed.

Oculus Virtual Keyboard

One of Oculus Quest’s biggest selling features – and why Oculus Rift S has been discontinued – is Oculus Link. It allows owners with VR-capable PC’s to run high-end titles like Stormland or Lone Echo via a USB-C cable. Oculus Air Link removes that cable, streaming content directly to the headset so you can continue to enjoy wire-free VR gaming. It’ll arrive for Quest 2 in v28 as an experimental feature but you won’t be able to test it straight away as Oculus’ PC software will also need to be the same version. And because of how the updates are rolled out these don’t always take place at the same time.

As an experimental feature Air Link will still have to go through further improvements before it can provide a consistent experience for all users. “We’re continuing to improve Air Link’s performance and compatibility for different configurations, but in the meantime, check out our guide for best practices, known issues, and to see if your setup should work well with Air Link,” Oculus notes. To ensure the best setup your PC will need to be wired to the router, use a 5Ghz network, and your playspace is roughly within 20 feet of the router.

Of course, if you don’t want to wait for Oculus Air Link then there’s always Virtual Desktop which has been the go-to app for wireless streaming. Recently, Virtual Desktop creator Guy Godin managed to get the app back on the Oculus Store so users don’t need to sideload it anymore.

Oculus Quest 2

Also coming to Oculus Quest 2 is 120Hz refresh support, initially teased earlier this year. When the headset launched it offered 72Hz followed by 90Hz towards the end of 2020. With 120Hz display refresh rate content on the headset will be even smoother, but developers will have to add native support to their apps and users will need to opt-in via an option in the experimental panel. This is made possible thanks to Quest 2’s additional processing power, so it won’t be available for the original Oculus Quest.

One feature both headsets will get is an Infinite Office suite update adding the option to place a virtual desk on your real furniture, so you can use it in the Home environment. Quest 2 users gain the ability to pair a Logitech K830 keyboard to their headset, with a full 3D representation of their hands and keyboard for easy typing.

Oculus hasn’t confirmed when the v28 update will arrive, just that it’ll be rolled out gradually to Quest owners worldwide. For further VR updates from Facebook, keep reading VRFocus.

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