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AmazeVR Raises $9.5m Towards Immersive Concerts

The company is now focusing solely on immersive concerts.

Originally starting out as an immersive entertainment platform offering unique series from filmmakers, for the last year or so AmazeVR has gradually moved into concert experiences. The company has just announced that its latest funding round has managed to raise $9.5 million towards this endeavour, with music now the main focus going forward.


Led by Murex Partners, the funding round saw participation from We Ventures, Bass Investment, and Dunamu & Partners as well as existing investors– Mirae Asset Venture Investment, Mirae Asset Capital, Partners Investment and Timewise Investment. “AmazeVR represents the future of music promotion and fan interaction,” said Dohan Kim, the CEO of Timewise Investment.

AmazeVR’s shift into immersive concerts features both digital and physical activations. So fans can watch artists at home through VR headsets but there will also be movie theatre locations with D-BOX seats showcasing content. This is further aided by unique pop-up events thanks to a tour bus fitted with D-BOX seats, recently highlight via a collaboration with Roc Nation R&B/Hip-hop duo Ceraadi.

“Working closely with artists and labels over the past several months, it has become apparent that AmazeVR has the potential to take the music industry into the future while completely reinventing the fan experience,” said Ernest Lee, co-CEO of AmazeVR in a statement. “We’re rapidly building out our artist pipeline and striking broad distribution agreements to bring stellar artist-to-fan engagement to millions of people worldwide.”


“Our efforts are further assisted by interest in the VR market, with Apple preparing to release a VR headset and the Oculus Quest 2 representing a growing percentage of Facebook’s revenue,” Lee continued. “As more and more consumers gain access to VR technologies– be they through headsets, theatres, or even their phones– there is enormous potential for Immersive Concerts.”

With most live events still not taking place AmazeVR is one of a number of companies aiming to keep artists and fans connected. Taking a different approach is Sensorium Galaxy which is creating an entire social world where superstar DJ’s like David Guetta will be performing. As this segment of the industry continues to gain traction, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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