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Solas VR

Create a Tranquil Workplace by Meditating in Immerse

Thanks to a new partnership with Solas VR.

A lot of you might be working from home nowadays but that doesn’t mean to say it’s any less stressful now there’s no commute involved. Even with companies turning to XR solutions to help teams collaborate or train employees adjusting to this new dynamic isn’t always easy. So Immerse, the UK-based virtual reality (VR) platform built for enterprise training has announced a new partnership with meditation app Solas VR to help users unwind.

Solas VR

The partnership will see the Immerse Platform provide organisations with access to a library of VR meditations to boost mental wellbeing and brain productivity. There will be a selection of 360-degree videos capturing the nature of Ireland for users to relax in, with options to select a duration, the voice of preference and background sounds for a personalised experience. 

Other features include breathing exercises for all levels of experience and Weekly Wisdom focusing on reflection and self-discovery. It’ll be updated with new stories and discussions to guide users and aid their mental health.

“The Immerse team are excited to be working with Solas VR to help encourage mindfulness in the corporate environment. We understand the importance of having a healthy and happy workforce, and the capabilities of virtual reality will allow those who receive the content to incorporate it more effectively than traditional methods,” said Tom Symonds, Immerse CEO in a statement. “Partnering with Solas VR is a great step in our endeavour to enable businesses to capitalise on the opportunity offered by immersive technology in multiple ways.” 

Solas VR

“We’re very excited to be working with Immerse to help bring meditation, and subsequently a better sense of wellbeing, to as many people as possible,” Stephen Pitcher, Managing Director at Solas VR adds. “The last year has been difficult, but employers who prioritise corporate mindfulness will gain a sustainable competitive advantage as looking after your employees is more important than ever.” 

The Immerse Platform has built a global customer base with customers including BP, Shell, DHL, GE Healthcare and Nestlé. This year also saw Immerse partner with Make Real to provide its library of VR training content. As the training platform continues to grow, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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