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Cubism Adds 120Hz Support for Oculus Quest 2

Just need to wait for Oculus’ v28 update to arrive.

Two days ago Oculus announced what new features would be added in the next software update for the Oculus Quest platform. v28 will see several additions specific to Oculus Quest 2 including 120Hz refresh support in the experimental section. Today, developer Thomas Van Bouwel has ensured his popular puzzler Cubism is ready when that time comes.

Over on the Cubism Twitter account, the developer confirmed that patch 1.2.4 has now gone live, adding a 120Hz refresh rate button in the settings menu. You’ll have to be patient to try it out as you’ll need the v28 update first which is being gradually rolled out to users. Once you have it, head to the Experimental Features section to activate the 120Hz mode before diving into Cubism.

Just like Van Bouwel has done, 120Hz support has to be implemented by developers so their applications can run at higher frame rates. For a simple puzzle title like Cubism which isn’t heavy on performance, those higher rates are achievable, but many titles on Oculus Quest 2 likely won’t manage it. As John Carmack previously Tweeted on the subject: “Only a few existing games will be tweaked for 120, but some new titles will consider it an option in their design phase.” So native support could be a common occurrence in the future.

Cubism launched in September 2020 and quickly became a favourite of VRFocus as well as many other Oculus Quest owners thanks to its addictive puzzle gameplay. “Easy to pick up yet difficult to complete, it may take some an hour whilst others will take five. It’s the kind of VR game you can give to anyone and they’ll instantly know what to do, because who doesn’t know how to place a few blocks together,” VRFocus said in its review.


Van Bouwel has been quick to enhance the videogames’ mechanics since launch, with hand tracking support being a major addition recently. With it, players can grab a puzzle piece rather than merely pinching and buttons can be naturally pushed for a more immersive feel.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Cubism as well as any other Quest titles adding 120Hz support, reporting back with regular updates.

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