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FitXR Moves to Subscription-Based Model, Adds Multiplayer, HIIT & More

FitXR is also partnering up with Warner Music to expand its track selection.

It’s becoming easier and easier to get fit at home rather than traipsing down to a gym – which are all currently closed – with plenty of ways to make the whole process a lot more fun. That’s been a core part of FitXR’s methodology, initially starting with boxing workouts before expanding into dance sessions. Today, the company has announced the next step in its bid to evolve the FitXR app, adding more content as well as moving to a subscription-based model.


From today, FitXR on Oculus Quest will become a membership-style app with new members given a 7-day free trial to see if they want to join up and pay $9.99 USD a month. If you’re already a FitXR user you’ll be given a 90-day free membership to try out the new features. But don’t worry if you’re not interested in signing up. You’ll still have access to all the content previously bought, you just won’t get the new stuff.

With a new model comes a bunch of new content to keep you coming back. Users will find a new class everyday, choreographed by a team of professional fitness instructors, and new environments; SkyPack with day and night settings, and the Dance Floor Studio three home destinations – The Loft, The Locker Room and The Arena. One of the big additions is multiplayer. Where the previous dance workouts saw others join you, this time seven friends can workout together, with the ability to chat before, during and after class.

FitXR was founded with an aim to make fitness approachable, and fun, for all,” said Sam Cole, Co-Founder and CEO of FitXR. “The FitXR community has always been at the heart of every decision we make, as we read every bit of feedback from our customers and are inspired by the life-changing transformations they are having. We had always intended to follow a subscription model to enable us to continually update and add new features, and now via Oculus, that is possible.”


“Oculus launching subscriptions represents a coming of age moment for VR, as developers can provide significantly more value to their customers. FitXR is offering an unequalled virtual fitness club, challenging traditional ways of thinking about fitness,” Cole continues. “Members can now meet new people, workout together and achieve the real gym experience while at home. We’re excited for FitXR customers, new and old, to try for themselves what we have been working on and to learn what FitXR has in store for them in the near future.”

When it comes to future plans, FitXR will be launching its new HIIT studio in May so you can engage in highly competitive High-Intensity Interval Training classes. FitXR is also collaborating with Warner Music so that it can provide a constant stream of new music to members.

Currently, on every other VR platform, FitXR is still known by its original name, BoxVR. That’s going to change with the team saying: “For the FitXR Steam, Rift and PSVR communities, we’re working to launch the membership model and related upgraded content in the near future.” So for continued updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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