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Gym Masters

Gym Masters Brings Story-Driven Fitness to Kickstarter

The campaign aims to raise at least €10k.

There are various ways you can utilise virtual reality (VR) to help burn a few calories and stay healthy whilst indoors, from rhythm-action titles keeping you moving to the beat to those that offer subscription models. Indie studio ViFit is aiming to make a mark in the genre with its first title Gym Masters. Last week saw the team launch a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign to help support development, already achieving over half of its goal.

Gym Masters

Rather than purely being an energetic videogame, Gym Masters is a story-driven fitness experience where you step into a world full of fitness fanatics. This journey will see three gym masters put you to the test in a series of energetic mini-games, each focused on a body part – upper body, lower body or core. Completing these will earn objects and upgrades as you also have a dojo to maintain and customise however you wish.

“We aim to provide people who do not normally workout with a solution that will keep them healthy while having a blast. After months of planning and testing, Gym Masters is a story-based exercise game: you will arrive in your father’s hometown and you will have to continue his legacy. Mentored by local gym masters in order to increase your experience and level up until you reach the final battle, in which you will have to battle your father’s lifelong worst enemy,” explains CEO and co-founder Aritz Ó hAonghusa in a statement.

ViFit is looking to raise a minimum of €10,000 EUR to help complete Gym Masters‘ development. Hitting that amount will see the videogame launch for Oculus Quest in Q3 2021. The team has outlined a further four stretch goals if the campaign is successful, hitting €20k will see a fourth master and gym added whilst the €60k goal will see the inclusion of hand tracking. Should funding surpass €80k then PlayStation VR support will arrive and lastly, at €120k Gym Masters will get a multiplayer.

Gym Masters

If you like the look of Gym Masters then for €10 you’ll be given access to a pre-release version of the VR title. But for €15 you’ll get access to the final version of the videogame which sounds like a better deal. Of course, there are plenty of other offers if you have the cash to spend. These include a Gym Masters exclusive gym towel to mop that sweaty brow for €30, a poster of you for your dojo as well as previous bonuses for €100 or for €4,000 put yourself in the game as an actual master!

With the Kickstarter already surpassing €5,000 ViFit’s crowd-funding campaign is off to a good start with just over three weeks to go. Another VR Kickstarter doing extremely well is the Tundra Tracker which is now over $900k after only looking for $250,000. For further updates on the latest VR crowd-funding projects, keep reading VRFocus.

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