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Lone Echo 2

Lone Echo II Launches This Summer for Oculus Rift

It’ll also support Oculus Quest via Oculus Link.

If there’s one videogame longtime Oculus fans have been eagerly awaiting its probably Lone Echo II by Ready At Dawn. The original Lone Echo in 2017 was a massive Oculus exclusive, showcasing just what the medium could achieve way before Half-Life: Alyx. Today, as part of the Oculus Gaming Showcase, Lone Echo II is confirmed for a Summer 2021 launch.

Lone Echo 2

Not unexpected, as the Oculus Gaming Showcase announcement did mention Lone Echo II, with everyone awaiting news of its arrival. It’s still a shame that it’s just a summer window with no concrete date as to the sci-fi adventure’s exact arrival. When it does land it’ll still be an exclusive for the now discontinued Oculus Rift platform with support for Oculus Quest via Link – you can always utilise Virtual Desktop or Oculus Air Link to keep it wireless.

Lone Echo II continues the exploits of Captain Olivia Rhodes and her trusty android sidekick Jack. Weaving a rich sci-fi narrative, as Jack you’re tasked with aiding Rhodes’ survival in the depths of space, exploring the zero-g environments with a wrist-mounted thruster and solving various challenges along the way.

Lone Echo ended with an unanswered question; what does the future hold for Liv and Jack now that they’ve arrived in the 26th century? We’re excited to continue their story and reveal how the events of the first game have impacted the future they are about to encounter,” said Ru Weerasuriya, Founder, Head of Studio, Ready At Dawn in a statement. “With Lone Echo, we opened the door to building a true connection with an NPC inside a virtual world. With this sequel, we are diving deeper into the relationship between Jack and Liv, and giving the player the opportunity to explore new bonds with new characters.”

Lone Echo 2

Ready At Dawn confirmed Lone Echo II was underway in 2018, offering a playable demo during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2019 with an eye on launching the title in 2020. Like many studios, the move to remote working during the pandemic significantly impacted development of the videogame with the studio having to push the release window back. So now there’s Lone Echo II to look forward to in a few months.

As further details on Lone Echo II are released, VRFocus will let you know.

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