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Loco Dojo Unleashed

Mini-Game Mashup Loco Dojo Unleashed Heads to Oculus Quest in 2021

The Brian Blessed voiced party title returns in 2021.

British immersive studio Make Real might be better known for its training and simulation solutions for virtual reality (VR) but it also knows a thing or two about gaming. Back in 2017 the team created four-player party title Loco Dojo for Oculus Rift, where players had to quickly complete crazy mini-games. Today, Make Real has announced Loco Dojo Unleashed, an Oculus Quest edition due to arrive later this year.

Loco Dojo Unleashed

Just like before, Loco Dojo Unleashed will feature the same 16 comedic mini-games such as swatting bats with nunchuck hotdogs, milking pigs with baby pigs, and flinging cats around. Plus the charismatic Grand Sensei host, voiced by cult hero Brian Blessed has been left in of course. Make Real hasn’t simply ported the original Loco Dojo over, however, refining the experience to reduce gameplay friction whilst adding new features.

These additions include a new quick play mode to easily find games in multiplayer, whilst a Tournament Mode for 2-4 players will provide a greater challenge. For those times where nobody is about or you just want a practice, a single-player mode will be available with the added bonus of trophies to unlock.

“Following on from the success of the game on PC VR and in LBE VR Arcades, we have listened to feedback to include a number of enhancements for Oculus Quest players,” says Sam Watts, Immersive Partnerships Director at Make Real in a statement. “For launch we wanted to make sure it is as easy as possible to pick up and play and get into games. We’ve removed elements that slowed gameplay down and added those that improve players’ understanding of how to become the master within the dojo. We’ve spent considerable effort buffing the wood to provide the same polished world and hectic gameplay the title is known for.”

Loco Dojo Unleashed

When VRFocus originally reviewed Loco Dojo the worry was always player numbers as multiplayer titles back then struggled to find a foothold. Loco Dojo Unleashed, on the other hand, should be an ideal experience for Oculus Quest as there are more players and it has easy-to-understand gameplay mechanics for players of all VR skill levels.

Loco Dojo Unleashed will arrive at some point later in 2021. For further updates on the project keep reading VRFocus.

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