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New to VR? Oculus Introduces ‘Quest Demos’ Zoom Presentations

Get better acquainted with your new device by connecting to Oculus product experts.

The world of virtual reality (VR) isn’t as bewildering as it once was but that doesn’t mean to say those new to the technology don’t still need a helping hand in the right direction. With the sales success of Oculus Quest 2, Facebook has decided now’s a good time to launch a new series of public interactive presentations and Q&A sessions called Quest Demos.

Oculus Demos

Hosted by ‘Oculus product experts’, the presentations will be held over Zoom with attendees shown some of the key features of Oculus Quest 2 with the presenters highlighting some of their favourite apps and videogames – so a quick plug for developers there. Guests will also move from Zoom into the headset to be given further advice.

So these Quest Demos kick off this week with the first being a classic ‘Unboxing’, where you’ll learn what’s in that box sat right in front of you – hopefully a headset and controllers. More importantly, the experts will take attendees through the process of: “how to set up and pair their headsets with the Oculus app, how to wear and care for the headset properly, how to set up Guardian, how to download and navigate content.”

Further presentations will become available focusing on subjects like VR fitness, so lot’s of rhythm action game suggestions and how to utilise Oculus Move.

Oculus Quest 2

So the Quest Demos: Unboxing kicks off this Friday, 16th April at 3 pm PT with the VR fitness presentation taking place on 30th April at the same time slot. Because these are interactive sessions with a Q&A afterwards you’ll need to register to attend as they’ll be one-on-one with the specialist.

This is just the latest in Facebook’s extensive VR plans looking at both the short and long term. Recent Oculus Quest 2 updates have included Multi-User Accounts and App Sharing, whilst on the content front the Oculus Games Showcase is set to offer some big surprises. As for the future, work is already underway on what Quest 3 and 4 are going to look like but Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) still views VR being at the start of its journey. For further Oculus updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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