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New Worlds

Rhythmatic Dev Reveals New Worlds, LBE VR for Newcomers

New Worlds will be out this summer.

British virtual reality (VR) studio Blackwall Labs firmly believes in location-based entertainment (LBE) having previously released NYC Bungee and most recently, multiplayer rhythm action title Rhythmatic. That trend continues into 2021 seeing more potential for the industry as lockdowns ease, announcing its latest project, New Worlds.

NYC Bungee
NYC Bungee. Image credit: Blackwall Labs

VR suits all ages and abilities yet there’s always that acclimatization period when newbies try on a headset for the first time. At home you’ve got all the time in the world, where at a VR arcade time means money. So Blackwall Labs has built New Worlds to help teach newcomers the VR basics, allowing up to six players at a time to learn the fundamentals of what makes the technology so immersive and groundbreaking for gaming.

New Worlds will take groups through various mini-games and experiences to quickly ground them in those basics like physically interacting with virtual environments – without falling over or walking into a wall, hopefully. The studio plans on regularly updating the title with new content, actively encouraging partners to make suggestions based on their experience of seeing the public using VR for the first time.

“We hope New Worlds will make the first adventure in VR fun, interactive and immersive …leaving staff and management to concentrate on what’s important, running a great location and increasing footfall,” said Backwall Labs’ Director Dan Perrin in a statement.

Rhythmatic. Image credit: Blackwall Labs

“I firmly believe that when someone is experiencing VR for the first time, a menu is the absolute last thing they should be seeing. Entering VR for the first time should be an immersive, wondrous experience free from user interface, that’s why we’ve designed New Worlds to be completely “plug and play” opening the game will automatically connect you with your friends on your local area network without any menu interaction from the player or leg work from the arcade operator,” adds Creative Director Sam Perrin.

VR arcades can signup for the New Worlds beta now by contacting Blackwall Labs. An official launch is slated to take place during the summer. For further updates on the project including the first screenshots and gameplay details, keep reading VRFocus.

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