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Talespin Expands Immersive Soft Skills Learning Content Library

The platform now supports desktop content streaming.

Training solution specialist Talespin has been building up its library of content aimed specifically at helping companies who are keen on improving their employees skills. Further improving its services, today Talespin has announced an expansion of its off-the-shelf learning content library whilst making its services easier to access.


Today sees the addition of Recognizing Bias and Practicing Self-Awareness to its library, both powered by Talespin’s CoPilot virtual human training technology. Both feature real-time scoring and feedback to aid a user’s development.

  • Recognizing Bias Module: Learners take on the role of a producer at a fictional large tech company. They are tasked with filling a programmer position with an experienced candidate who can hit the ground running. The learner must interview three candidates and find the right one for the role, while navigating their own biases. They will learn how to identify and mitigate the common biases found in the workplace.
  • Practicing Self-Awareness Module: Learners take on the role of an account manager who recently had to let an important client know that the team will not be able to meet an agreed-upon deadline. After a stressful exchange with their boss about the missed deadline, the learner must effectively identify and manage their emotions in a follow-up meeting with the internal project manager to establish what went wrong. 

“The past year has proven the impact that better learning and deeper skills data can have on solving workforce development challenges,” said Kyle Jackson, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Talespin in a statement. “Our new desktop streaming capability and content will bring the benefits of immersive learning to our customers and learners at scale.” 


“The workforce of the future needs prepared leaders with strong communication skills, who can learn and lead, creating a model for work that’s collaborative, inclusive, and productive. Talespin’s new immersive learning content and desktop streaming platform capabilities align with our mission to lower the barrier to entry for professional development, and to accelerate skill attainment and greater accessibility to advanced technology,” said Stephen Yadzinski, senior innovation officer, JFF. “We are excited to expand our partnership with Talespin to continue driving social impact in learning and education.” 

While Talespin has been focused on providing its content via VR headsets its now added desktop content streaming support so that users can access modules through a website link, improving accessibility in the process. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Talespin and soft skills training in VR, reporting back with further updates.

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