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The Climb 2

The Climb 2 Freestyle Expansion Pack Launches Tomorrow

6 new levels are being introduced.

It may have seen a bit of a delay in its launch but Crytek’s The Climb 2 certainly delivered when it arrived in March for Oculus Quest. As part of the Oculus Gaming Showcase today, Crytek has announced that a new content update is due to arrive tomorrow, Thursday 22nd April, the Freestyle Expansion Pack.

The Climb 2

The update will put your climbing skills to the test because there won’t be any checkpoints to rely on. Plus, you’re encouraged to not use any chalk when climbing any of the levels, you’ll be awarded bonus points if manage to. Rather than the scenic views you get to enjoy in the main campaign, the pack will feature the same minimalist design of the training levels but it’ll still offer both ‘casual’ and ‘professional’ gameplay modes.

Crytek will be launching the Freestyle Expansion Pack in two parts, with 12 levels in total, six arriving tomorrow and the rest at a later (unannounced) date.

Additionally, even The Climb 2 is getting in on VR’s rhythm action craze. The update will introduce: “rhythm-based climbing where you’ll see disappearing grips along your route, requiring you to learn the grip patterns to the beat of a background track to progress through,” notes the Oculus Blog.

The Climb 2

With the launch of The Climb 2 Crytek challenged players to scale 15 new maps which included a cityscape for the first time. New gameplay elements like dynamic ropes, containers, ladders, and climbing equipment react to your weight for greater realism, whilst ledges can crumble and some even cause damage by reducing your grip quicker.

VRFocus’ review of The Climb 2 found the experience: “continues that simple, addictive gameplay that just draws you in, easy for newcomers to get to grips with whilst veterans should find enough new content to keep them happy. Crytek’s return to VR has been long overdue.”

The Climb 2 Freestyle Expansion Pack will arrive tomorrow as a free update for owners. Cast your eyes over the trailer below and when more content becomes available, VRFocus will let you know.

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